Microblading • Eyelash Extensions • Waxing • Makeup


Salon Medusa uses the highest quality wax products that are safe for even the most sensitive skin types. Smooth and supple results are achieved on the face and all over the body with gentle soft or hard wax systems.

Facial Waxing

Brow Design$20+
Brow & Lip$34+
Lip & Chin$34+
Lip or Chin$18+
Brows, Lip & Chin$50+

Body Waxing

Full Arm$43+
Half Arm$24+
Half Leg w/ Knee$43+
Full Leg$65+
Full Leg w/ Bikini$85+
Back or Chest$42+

Eyelash Extensions / Makeup

Eyelash Extensions: Boost you inner confidence with this gorgeous beauty enhancement service! Now you can have a more youthful, alert and approachable look with the confidence to increase eye contact with the people around you. Your eye color will appear brighter and the whites of your eyes will look whiter. Say goodbye to mascara clumps, flakes and smudges with the freedom to swim, workout and enjoy more free time.

Makeup: Complete your look after a great color, cut, style or facial with the finest makeup available. Create a beautifully soft or strikingly bold look using the latest colors and techniques. Salon Medusa uses Aveda makeup exclusively. Aveda makeup products are created using the highest quality ingredients available that benefit your skin and the earth.

Eyelash Extensions 'Classic' - Full Set$195+
Eyelash Extensions 'Classic' - Fill (must be booked within 2-3 weeks)$60+
Eyelash Extensions 'Volume' - Full Set/Not Currently Available$245+
Eyelash Extensions 'Volume' - Fill (must be booked within 2-3 weeks)/Not Currently Available$80+
Eyelash Extension Removal$35+
Series of 3 'Classic' Lash Fills$162+
Series of 3 'Volume' Lash Fills/Not Currently Available$216+
Eyelash Tinting$25+
Eyebrow Tinting$20+
Makeup Application$30+
Airbrush Makeup/Not Currently Available$78+
False Eyelash Application$25


Now you can beautifully enhance your eyebrows with our semi-permanent procedure that deposits color pigment into the superficial dermis of the skin. (Not like traditional tattooing which can spill ink deeply under the skin.)

Using the hand held microblade, the artist is able to create crisp, customized and artistic hair strokes which look just like natural eyebrow hair.

Have the eyebrows you have always wanted! Create fuller looking, natural and perfectly shaped brows that match and blend perfectly to your original or tinted brow color.

Microblading tends to last between 18-36 months. However, if subtle shaping or color enhancement issues arise they can be easily addressed in 6-8 weeks after the original service. Also, to maintain the saturation/intensity of pigment and enhanced shape, a touch-up once a year or so is recommended.

Microblading/Not Currently Available$399+
Microblading Touch-up/Not Currently Available$75+
(recommended 4-8 weeks after original service)
Microblading 12-16 Month Touch-up/Not Currently Available$200+
(12-16 months from original service)
Microblading w/ Shading/Not Currently Available$475+
Microblading w/ Shading Touchup/Not Currently Available$75+
(recommended 4-8 weeks after original service)


For waxing, please notify your esthetician of any prescription medications you are using topically or orally so we can advise about possible contraindications. 4-6 weeks of new growth is recommended for optimal results.